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on October 23, 2012


After 31 years of basking O2 exchange, it never came across to my senses to look out for my name’s meaning, that said, i have had zilch encounter. Though most people mistook my name (boys name that is!) and how incredibly my father coined it for me (obviously a woman) with just one name (when Marie or Mary wouldn’t suffice either!).

Back when i was in grade school, i was waiting patiently (have Doctorate Degree in that Department now) for my name to be called in the class only to find out my adviser listed me as boy. From that moment on, i figured that i am a boy! (well, my name tells me so!). Had boys haircut, been hanging out with my uncles most of the time – can you imagine how’d i become so manly? I’d love to drink beer with them so much that my age wouldn’t agree! hmmm, not to the extent of what-you’re-thinking-at-the-moment-puhlease! The only tangible thing about me is – i am woman. After that rocking phase of my awesome life, i never got stuck with having a boys name! I then begun using different nicks to justify my names sake! I have loads of nicks that are sometimes nuts! gosh, i can’t and won’t spill it here (just not yet, we just happen to meet cyber-ly so, maybe in next couple of entries, ok?) But nicks didn’t worked either, well it did as time lapsed but never will (in the future).

So after really knowing who I am (spending dates with who? myself!), i have come to know and love my name for real. Like a first DEW in the morning! like i have my first ever glimpse on something amazing, like dancing in the rain for the first time, like laughing til my eyes welled up with so much tears, like witnessing a baby’s first cry or being at two places in one time! That’s how i love my name NOW.

Ok, aside from knowing that my name is filled with DEW and it’s a place name, on a blissful night, i just googled the meaning of my name – Welsh origin where it’s meaning is “BELOVED”. (how cool is that, huh?)

After the said and done, i now fully realized how i was loved (with fireworks? not just that!) beyond lashings of feelings beckon with deserved truth and anchored indescribably with passion, warmth, joy and so much LOVE…. call me beloved!



10 responses to “BELOVED

  1. lorelie says:

    hello MY BELOVED!! :))

    • kiamy2512 says:

      well, hiya!!! HUGE THANK YOU!! you’re really one of the many who never seem to get tired of me!! (reading my post!)

      for that, iloveyoumore!! mwahugs!!

      • lorelie says:

        i’ll never get tired of reading your posts because you have such a great talent in how you marvel LIFE thru everything you do.. KEEP IT UP!!

  2. lorelie says:

    well my name’s got a tragic meaning..known it all along hahahaha!

  3. kiamy2512 says:

    awww… your words are like hugs!!! thank you, thank you!! now im fully boost!! cheers to a lifetime of friendship, Lorie!!! mwahugs!

  4. guwini says:

    My beloved! 🙂 but i love Dewey, i think it’s cool.

    • kiamy2512 says:

      hahaha. dew? totally cool! whichever you like best!! beloved is more like a primi for me. i can’t truly fathom what u saw in me guwini but really HUGE THANK YOU!! ❤

  5. Sweet Caroline says:

    Woooow! i love it sissy… Its such a beautiful article! I love both- Dewey & Beloved! But of course,I LOVE the person in you!!! mwaaahhh… Ohh, more puuhhllease?!!! ;}

    *2 thumbs up!*

    • kiamy2512 says:

      sissy coo!! so glad you made it here!! it’s so nice to wake up and read your sweet thoughts, you just made my day!! thank you, thank you!! more? SOON!!! mwahugs!!

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