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on October 25, 2012

It has been an adventure-packed year and I truly am happy I’ve lived it to the hilt!! Well, help me welcome another year with a bang! But not too fast, here’s what happened before my feet landed on a land with bloody weather. (oh, this post may require long reading, so I do hope you can keep up! I know you will – THANK YOU for that! Or at least I warned you, wink!)


Out of words. Or I just can’t seem to find the right words to say. It’s like a huge chunk of something from heaven fell off (cloudy with chance of meatballs-type) and there was I – standing, waiting for its right timing of downpour. True enough, I felt absolutely isolated and unable to move. Shocked and awed by the tremendous flow of things, I simply had fun enjoying the dance called LIFE.

Four seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and fall. You may be thinking which season I belong. Take a good guess! Okay, it’s Autumn. They say Autumn’s highly related to melancholy. I beg to disagree! I love the breeze and leaves altogether! Okay, I was being too physical, let’s look at things from the inside out. First, let’s begin of how I ever came to know Autumn. Hated the first time we met! I arrived in Heathrow and everybody’s wearing coat. Got the message? COLD. I mean, the oh-so-cold-make-me-chill feeling whenever I’m out. It’s nuisance. But Autumn got me mesmerized when I finally accepted things (Law of Seasons! Is there such a thing?) that I am no longer in my Home, that I’m on the other part of the world (believe me, that has to sink in for awhile!). And things were less complicated. I am now accustom to gaze how lovely Autumn is! I love walking and it never changed whether being put up in a cold weather, though I was geared with proper attire (layers-lots of it, gloves, leg warmers, bonnet and a smile on my face!) and it didn’t disappoint! Autumn also speaks about being selfless. Reaping. Forgive me to be bias, I love the word HARVEST. I longed to be here. It wasn’t easy, but the whole journey paid a great deal of who I am today. Years of waiting, pruning, self-discovery and learning. Had to deal with myself – how I am and the thing called past. Had to come terms too! To be very honest and to be just me. So for me, its harvest time! I sowed seeds, BEST seeds. And truth to be told, whenever you sow good-right-best seeds, you’ll reap not the same amount, you’ll have double portion!! I can live with much or little, what matters is my whole disposition in life. What are the things that makes me happy, makes me truly alive…

Fast forward (after 1 year): To cut the story short, I am living a dream. A dream that took its flight long after the plunge of failure never seems to halt and the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere to be seen. Simply put, I was basking the darkness I was in, until heaven kissed me right on the dot!Thus, the downpour. And mind you, I still hardly can’t believe, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. (though I’m not living in pure denial but everything is surreal). Webster lacks most of the words I wanted to convey. It’s beyond being GRATEFUL, out of range rainfall, exceedingly-above-and-beyond-favors (help me find the RIGHT word, will ya?)

It’s autumn again! A smell of familiar scent, comfort foods, boot weather, orange-yellow-red leaves falling off the branches, plus ME – a risk runner/immaculately bubbly/fond of surprises/crazy (not in the sense of keeping me in an asylum though)/a multifaceted individual who guilelessly love life!

Cheers to the 1st year!! and I so welcome you – 2nd!!!


10 responses to “1st

  1. lynx says:

    happy anniversary, kiams! :))

  2. HATA BABEH says:

    Happy 1st my BELOVED!!!I’m so proud of what you have become. At first It all started with a dream…and the dream finally came into reality! I’m FOREVER grateful to God for having YOU as my sister, my best friend, my prayer partner and my confidant. God knows how I sorely MISS you…but i know your doing great your DREAM…
    May JESUS continuously seal you by HIS Most Precious Blood and cover you with Mama Mary’s Blue Mantle of Protection…
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!Cheers!!!(looking forward on your 2nd)mwahmwahmwah…

    • kiamy2512 says:

      hata babeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awww.. HUGE THANK YOU for your unending support, love and prayers to my crazy (at times) dreams!! i freakin’ miss and love you!! you have helped me in a gazillion ways i can never put into writing, so to say thank you wouldn’t even suffice! but as you sacrifice greatly, do know that He owes you double!! get ready for the rain!! mwahugs!!

  3. HATA BABEH says:

    your always welcome MY BELOVED!!!anything for the family…
    I can hear the sound..its the sound of the ABUNDANCE of RAIN!!!

  4. >bajiL says: proud of you..very nice..stay blessed!! 🙂

    • kiamy2512 says:

      bajil!!!!!!!! so happy u made it here! huge thank you for squeezing to read my post on ur most anticipated cavay!! and im so proud of u too!!! more blessings, bajil! mwahugs! ❤

  5. guwini says:

    You deserve a happy dance, Dew! 🙂
    Your name is too appropriate for autumn.

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