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The Shell

on November 1, 2012

After The Last went viral and most FB friends seems caught up with it (sharing it for the nth time, I mean who wouldn’t?). I somehow knew (well, my heart that is!) that I needed something to disclosed – something that goes beyond feelings of non existence (oh gosh, permit me as I wear my heart on a sleeve, not entirely though! Apart from being honest and some random thoughts about LOVE – that word. Subsequently, I’ll drop the bomb!)

Today I have decided to lash out what my heart truly aches (not in pain though, in other form). Today I have decided to pour out the poet in me (when you have this kind of weather, I bet one can really ponder and drink as much as hot choco or coffee and THINK!). Today I have decided to be ME (after all, being me is all that I can be!)

Let’s start with this line from Wong Fu Productions’ Shell:

Man: “Nervous. I’m not sure if she can tell. For one single arbitrary moment, I gather enough courage and whisper something in her ear, something I’ve always known but never told her. Holding my breath only makes my heartbeat faster. She looks at me for the first time differently, but with the same eyes I fell in love with. She takes off my glasses and then… Nothing. It doesn’t matter.

Woman: she takes glasses off and then… (The kissed)

Man: fiction becomes reality.

Such a poignant delight, isn’t it? Or even irrevocably romantic! Okay, let’s go back to the bomb (Sorry to have halt your dreamy fantasy, I will attached the video for your liking however). I am often asked about the L-word. Presumably because I don’t answer questions as such (given the right people who ask, I answer sincerely). When asked, I just swerve myself out of the question and throw it back to the person asking it (seems like a very defensive way, but truth to be told, I am like that, I’d like to know more about the person asking than me answering the question – my nature appears to be a good excuse, not lame though).
The L-word to me now is entirely different as I viewed it 11 years ago. I was idealistic; to a very extreme level (Exes can vouch for this, go figure!). I was stupid enough (I should think this is necessary!) Before, I defined love as letting go (oh yeah, the martyr in me! I can only laugh about this NOW! Talk about being silly, we all did crazy stuffs we can’t help but cry and many years later laugh how we did it!) Had three failed relationships, I’m so proud to say it out loud (this is safe to say, I keep them as friends still! One who knows me at a certain period of time.)

But now, after pruning stage-learning-enjoying-being at peace with my past-choosing to be happy-dancing in the storm-singing in the rain, I figured LOVE in a very extraordinary way. I don’t mean to have known love in ALL its glory and splendor and pain (believe you me, I have bits and pieces of it!) The truth is, I can’t find the words to define love now. For it is beyond sweet, faithful, thoughtful, selfless, enduring, committed, feelings/emotions, happiness, excitement, sacrifice, passion, affection, kindness, forever (you can add all the healthy-good-happy things yet NONE pertains solely and gives rightful meaning to the word). To me, it’s not just words. It’s how I give meaning to the word that makes it more profoundly called as LOVE. So, LOVE in all its essence can be BEST described by – YOU. How you give, share and ultimately BE WHO YOU ARE in respect to the other recipient receiving your love – that is more tangible than words left on a letter. Because how you express it changes the other person’s life. You create ripples of memories worth sharing beyond age and time. You who move and act to make a difference in someone else’s life declare freedom conveyed through love. Therefore, nobody can BEST define LOVE than YOU. So be LOVE, be VERY LOVE.

Going back to the Shell, I’d like my story based on reality. As fiction would have it, it’s glossy and really smooth sailing (the Cinderella type “and they live happily ever after”) – but as for me, I’d like to make fiction turned into reality, where I could edit the script, add some cheesy lines, live outside the box, sail against the current and in due course, hanker to pen the greatest story ever told. Thus, facing a sweet reality NOW (writing). 😉

As promised!  Shell, enjoy!


6 responses to “The Shell

  1. lorelie says:

    wow! I am also looking forward for my fiction to become reality…how LOVELY would it be when it happens…

  2. guwini says:

    nakakalikig nameym! LOL
    When I think of love, i think of high school and a little of college. After that, love became too taxing, too much and too complicated. Or maybe, i am inside that shell, just like what my friend told me. Or I became too lazy to love for love involves thinking. Tamad!!! I think, Dew, you sort of introduced me to Wong Fu, i’ve been watching clips from their youtube eversince. Lingaw pud ilang mga videos.

  3. kiamy2512 says:

    hahahaha. you just made me laugh so hard, guwini!! high school? hmmm, who????????????? come out of you shell uy! it’s a whole new thing when you love – not when you’re IN love ha? totally different! wong fu? i got hook with strangers again. and in HD ha? plus kung maka-english, ibang level!! hahahaha!

  4. Leah says:

    naks…super nakakakilig te Kiams!!!!!…so poetic and so shy even in his imagination……”then fiction becomes reality”…I fantasized about someone so often…will it become reality?

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