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on November 2, 2012

As this blog is lifestyle (that said, ANYTHING under the sun or boot weather I guess! Ha!) I truly was persuaded with a gentle nudge by a friend who for some certain reasons (I still haven’t got a clue whatsoever!) pushed me to scribble and post it over here (my humble blog. Gosh, I immediately cringe since space for that matter is such a galactic force!)

And as such, I’d like to post anything (more than a birth right isn’t it?). So as I was feeling giddy to put up with this kind of entry, I am also looking forward for the next. Let’s say, I want to do this once a week (a peek into my world-kinda-thing! So are we good? I mean, with this? Hahahaha). Allow me to start by random photos of yours truly – dressed up to the nines, casual yet chic, comfy but stylish and strutting-the-unconventional-out-of-the-box-fashion (the latter seems to be the VERY ME!).

Most people asked me about taste influence and to be outright honest, I tell them my FOLKS. REALLY. Read it again, will ya? Growing up, I saw them (not that they have walk-in closet) but gearing for just anything – parties, work, off to market, stroll. And from that moment on, lo and behold – the birth of my fashion sense. My Paps loves unique things. That said, he wants to own a pair of shoes no one has taken hold of (made-especially-for-him-kinda-type). Gosh, our fondness of pointed shoes went really well! (He just gives me a smirk whenever I have a new pair!) And Mudz? She has the best line of clothes, bags, shoes that stood still beyond time. She used to sew things not only for herself, but for other siblings as well. And this I have to say, whenever my sister, cousin/s, or even BFF is on a lookout for a dress or an important event is coming, they’ve loved to tag me along and help them choose (well, I got to say what flatter them the most! I sorely miss this! If granted to have a new job, I’d like to be a stylist! Yay!)

Prototype. As an adventure seeker, I love to try out things first hand (well, even if it doesn’t work!) and since then, the taste evolved. Hence, the photos. Enjoy! Till the next Prototype! (now you got me thinking!) 😉

me, trying the over-sized sunnies!

I’m a fan of dresses!! (ever since I was a kid!)

a formal event? at my cousin’s wedding!

casual. is-out-and-about-kinda-thing!

chilling. or shall i say, listening to the sound of water!

enjoying mr.sun

winter. really cold.

at last, summer!

this one, i should say got the thumbs up of a friend who rekindled my dream to start a blog! thanks again, guwini!

aside from dresses, i also happen to love white!! the feel on my skin is immaculately clean!

from my college friend: “you may not be in fashion, but you’re always in style.”

and lastly, I don’t dress to impress, instead I’m opt for comfort and put on loads of confidence!


6 responses to “Prototype

  1. ronyshapira says:

    what a great post! like a photo journal of your life!
    I love this idea, you should practice your birth right more often 😉

  2. kiamy2512 says:

    huge thank you, ronyshapira!! birth right? definitely!! well, yours is a must-read too!! 😉

  3. guwini says:

    You really have the fashion sense, Dew. Kadtong gi-add mo nimo sa FB few years back nakita jud naku imong style while ga browse ko sa imong page. More, more, more!

  4. lorelie says:

    yay! late nako kabasa hahahaha! YES INDEED! you dress so well and I envy that 🙂 keep it up!

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