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Prototype: fall

on November 10, 2012

hmmm. I am pretty sure you got the whole story already! COLD. 😉 I decided to post this due to the story behind the ensemble! Four of my beloved friends back in the Philippines are getting hitched (this year alone!) and in as much as I want to celebrate such happy-significant-life-changing-event, I can’t (still here in the U.K.) so what better way to make up with them? Video message, oh the advancement of technology!

so here’s what I wore on a perfect Saturday…

a red knitted M&S underneath is my ever-fave sweat shirt! and a goergie skinny jeans!

The shoot didn’t take long since I don’t want to narrate a book out of context, hahahaha. But finding that perfect spot was undeniably the hardest thing to do. We walked extra minutes to get the feel of it (awkwardness is the word!).

boots from the Philippines and leg warmers! one thing i so love about fall? leg warmers! aside of course from the peppermint-hot chocolate drink!

First video message – done!! But what the hey! I still have 3 to go! 😉 So you really thought it was just a plain-simple-video-message? Think again! We played coy and decided to take some shots (just for fun but it went far from our expectations!) Cheers to a happily-ever-after! 😉

happy me! oh, i can read your mind.. when’s my turn?


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