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Prototype: Used-to-be

on November 17, 2012

Before I went here, I have had the best JOB ever – to be a full pledge model! Not the frustrated type mind you! hahaha. I chance upon venturing it since I was busy processing my papers to be here. And truth to be told, modeling didn’t disappoint either! (felt like the cam and I? soul mates – that’s the word! I mean on a natural way. Like I was born for it thingy, hahahaha! So here’s some pictures (proof-ready!) of what i USED-TO-BE! (by the way, I just said yes to strut some clothes on because my cousin can’t find a single decent human being who can wear it with ease than? wink!) enjoy!

I love dressing up!! need I say more?

I was sporting a shorter do here! 😉

rock and roll!!

Now, back to dream land for the next ideal job!


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