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on November 29, 2012

Seeing things with vision unparalleled, when the world’s unfitting darkness corners you into the pit.

Unexplained strength brought about by tremendous challenge ever faced.

Declaring what seems to be impossible, even when circumstance choose otherwise;

Knowing the glass is either half-full or half-empty, you know deep down the truth – simply so it never dies, just getting better.

Taking the time to be brave, as if the unknown does not scare you at all.

Victoriously living with scratches, burns, stitches and even with fresh blood – playing the game whilst in pain.

It is not about the next level – it’s about how you choose to live to get into it.

Free just to do anything – some strange force persuade you to “just do it”.

Choosing peace a midst the war in your head.

Surrendering the ifs, buts and the so called what nots, understanding the tide will soon turn for your favor.

Crying and laughing at the same time – as no words can further express the emotions taking place.

When giving up is not an open option because a decision was made long before you set your foot for the journey.

And when all things seem not on your side – that’s when you utter: hope floats. Sure is – because faith’s fate is determined by acknowledging an attitude of trust even when all things bound to do just differently.

Sorry if I was M.I.A. I just came back from the battle and I’m glad to share – I won!!


4 responses to “FAITH’S FATE

  1. whatever it is you are going through, i am glad you won the battle! share mo na lang with me soon! 😉 warm hugs from cold germany!

  2. HATA BABEH says:

    NEVER SAY NEVER!!!i love u
    hata kiam-kiam…mwah… 😉

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