bein aimy

lifestyle guru-wannabe, a fierce woman who is after her dreams – living it out, who loves to travel, basking a kiss of heaven, self-made, multi-tasker, loves RDJ (who doesn't?) and ultimately a firm believer of the Sought-After!


on December 4, 2012

hello, readers!!!

Thought I drop a line to say, I’ll be gone for a few days… I’ll definitely miss scribbling but this needed break can’t be put hold.


I’ll see you back soon!!


kiamy 😉

(P.S. the battle? the travel!)


4 responses to “M.I.A.

  1. whee!!! see you soon! so that’s what you were talking about before… hehhee…. ingat and have a safe flight!

  2. guwini says:

    Have a fun vacay (if it is a vacay, hehe)

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