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The Year that was

on December 31, 2012


It’s what? Yes, sometimes things are hard to swallow. Simply put – 2012? over! And the highlights of my 2012? Loads actually. And finished 2012 head strong!! So here’s the recap of the glorious year:

1.) Started with my new work!

2.) Another work came in (Translator! Law firm hired me to decode my vernacular language into English)

3.) With that, noted my 1st ever travel (within UK- Leamington Spa, I’d say Business with pleasure mode). Next stop? London, Wales, Swansea, South Hampton, Brigthon, Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire Oaks (the largest outlet store in the world). Add up the College’s field trip going to Warwick Castle and Alton Towers! My feet’s kinda itchy! Hahahaha.

4.) 1st year of College done! (Too quick!)

5.) Another part-time work! Learned the art of sushi, crepe and salads!!!

6.) Travelled and visited my cousin and her family in Germany! Snow and all its wonder! Went to Salzburg, Austria as well! Talking of quality time and bonding!

7.) Started a new job that I freaking love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

8.) Most of my dream came to pass this year! I do have a long to-do list but it’s beyond words when they finally take place!

9.) I’m living my dreams – breathing, sleeping. I mean I am waking up each morning with a huge smile on my smile knowing that the Creator of the Universe breathes into my direction!

10.) I finally am living outside the box – leaving the comfort zone and living in courage zone! Sometimes, I can’t believe I am walking on waters (dancing even!) and having the time of my life to “smell the flowers” even in the eye of the storm!

It truly was a year full of HOPE. And it didn't disappoint. I had so much FUN I couldn't begin to describe what fun really is!

And for 2013? It’s going to be MASSIVE! Breaking bounds, where passion won’t relinquish , hope floats, dare to be different, make ripples of joy (make it contagious!), fill the margins of life with meaning, turn vision into reality, loads of blessings (health-wise included), kick new doors to open, opportunities, friendship, from the movie Friends with benefits: “love hard or go home”, keep an enthusiastic spirit (hey, even when you’re down!), faith-filled journey and of course – BAAAAAMMM!!

So cheers to 2013!! I welcome you warmly! HHHUUUUGGGGSSSS!!! ❤


P.S. i have a message for my heart: beat again! ❤


4 responses to “The Year that was

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  2. Gwen says:

    I like it very much. Your spirit of fun, travel and adventure is contageous. Have a wonderful new year, Dew! xoxo

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