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on January 30, 2013

Today, let me honor a person who touched and painted my life with vibrant colors in contrasting hues and playfully entwined it with his simple yet radical act of love!


To the man I so love and deeply cherish all my life! Here’s to you…
The laugh lines… Best represents the joys and utter amazement he expressed all throughout his lifetime. Including the times I made him so happy, his lacrimal glands are best exercised! The day I was born tops the list! Am, include the day he married my mother!

The rough hands used to cradle me when I was small and fragile yet the same hands that mold me into who I am NOW. The very hands that accepts me as who I am, regardless of the mistakes I did. The most amazing hands that holds me when clouds of doubt assails and the constant hands that celebrates every victories I have had!

The lines around his eyes shows compassion in an annoyance of what my future holds. Wrinkle’s are of no match with his faith and hope floats when he smells desperation in an inconvenient approach! He is by the way my partner in C.I.A. We investigate things and our instincts proved to be just right!

The robust arms that serves me in the good times and ever ready to catch me when I’m at my worst. A smooth driver that demands nothing but my smile! An always on-the-go Father that won’t say NO to all my craziness (even if the inevitable is in the surface!) I can’t accuse him, though; His love is crazier over my craziness!

The tone of voice convinced me that I am loved, indeed. The unchanged tone when something is not so pleasant, which makes him the master of calmness! A truly patient man who waits for me to wake up and have brunch with me even if he already had his caffeine fixed early on.

The look in the eye speaks truth to behold. Nothing can convey an abyss of understanding when he looks at you in a manner that one longs to have. For no words can further squeeze out a complete assurance of love than his loving gaze!

The man whose heart never grew weary of loving the (sometimes) unlovable me! I can’t surpassed the number of times you have blot out my offences!

The one man I can always run and cry my heart out for just anything! Crushes, dreams, goals, current events, politics and most especially spirituality. I can never fathom your wisdom!

The man who taught me discipline be on time – arriving real early and leaving late. Being prepared at all times. And giving the BEST of who I am!

The very person whose blessing I long to hear before I start my day! He’s also the same person who greets me when I arrived home safely!
The best friend who never refuses to stay up with me in the mundane hours of my life – sharing, encouraging and best of all just being there – silent yet truly breaching and thus brings comfort in dire times.

The only person who sees me beautiful in all the mess I have made, he never disregard calling me beautiful even if I am the most horrible person he has come across with!

A selfless man who support my dreams and is willing to chase it with me! His support and prayers? Endless; it causes favors to land directly at my doorstep!

The one man who knows if I’m deeply hurt, his embrace and words will boost me to face the future with a smile on my face! A man who never lets me down. Who pulls me out from the cupboard and tells me: “Even if they left you, I vow to stay- ALWAYS!” The reason I never give up on my dreams!

These are just mere words – cold and flat, for you definitely deserved more than that! Happy birthday to the man I truly love beyond life! Iloveyoumore-Papi! Stay blessed, healthy and really happy! I’m so proud to be your daughter!

Kiamy 😉

here’s our song:

make you feel my love


6 responses to “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

  1. Coo says:

    Aaaaahhhh… So sweet of you sissy! All the best for your family. Happy Birthday to your dad! 😉

  2. hata babeh says:


  3. guwini says:

    We are our father’s little girl forever. Sweet words for your dad. 🙂

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