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lifestyle guru-wannabe, a fierce woman who is after her dreams – living it out, who loves to travel, basking a kiss of heaven, self-made, multi-tasker, loves RDJ (who doesn't?) and ultimately a firm believer of the Sought-After!

HBD at The Manor

on February 21, 2013

Okay. Sorry to be MIA yet again, but can’t help it, my feet’s dragging me into places I have never dream going! Talk crazy-fun-adventure to be exact! The past 2 weeks was (of course!) BEST reserved for? JAUNT! The kind that never lets your spirits down! So, okay. The first was such a classic visit! Where to? The Manor, Baddesley Clinton! It’s starting to warm up and because we were ALL off – (This just means a BIGGIE since, we hardly be off on the same day!) and what????? I know this is indeed very late post for V-day, nonetheless, the need to post this is urgent! Here’s what happened to the awesome-foursome on HBD! Enjoy!

Next? OXFORD. I can spell it with famous Oxinians, then? wink!


the uncontrolled weather

a self-confessed lover of books!

a self-confessed lover of books!

under the water

under the water

my take on M&M's cake!! It's a cheat day!
my take on M&M’s cake!! It’s a cheat day!

train ride = free ride!

train ride = free ride!


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