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I love you to the moon and back, Mudz!

on March 12, 2013
amazed at the world's wonder - Palawan underground river!

amazed at the world’s wonder – Palawan underground river!

I still remember the day when you held my hand and told me, “You are my lucky charm!” I was smiling from ear to ear hearing just that. I was a kid and although for certain I do not know what it meant exactly, I seem to notice it must be pleasing as you’ve said the words happily! As the years went, I don’t have to prove anything to you – anymore. You have seen the best (the VERY best is still ahead of me)  and the not-so-good-in-me, yet your love never fail to see me through the years. Growing up, you knew I have GREAT-CRAZY dreams to chase and conquer – you are ever present since day one! Such support, love and encouragement a daughter can have from a Mother is expected but yours is totally different, you’ve raised the bar higher of which I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to the Creator who made you! You’re SELFLESS-ENDURING love went as far as hell just so I can experience heaven again! When I was stuck in nowhere, you warmly extended your hand for me to reach it, an immeasurable act indeed! You always go out of your way to meet my needs! You have planted a seed in me of honoring the One I can never live without and thus having a sweet-loving relationship with Him! Your sacrifices is way too evident I am always addicted to it do for others, too! Credit must go to the teacher who taught the lesson well for behind this smiling face is a skillful-patient Mother who taught me how to read well even if I am tempted to just go out of the house and play! You never gave up on me! Your faith anchored me when dark clouds appear, the same reason shows how values instilled in me beyond the nurturing years has passed. You are stern in discipline of which I am so proud that I have become who I am today because you never cease to tell me what’s right from wrong. You’re gentle hands soothes any aching part of my body – you are my forever masseur!  When you’re near, discomfort disappears – such mothering is so overwhelming, it always reassures me to be the BEST that I can be! You are my number one fan, sitting in the front pew whenever I am called to bear witness of His love (even if you have heard it for the nth time). And still my number one cheerer when I give birth to an out-of-this-world-ideas! Your blessing has paved the way to go places that I have never been to! Your relationship with Papi is so great that blessed my life so much with love! Your love never disappoints me! A heart so cheerful that honoring my needs more than your own is never an issue! A gracious woman I am forever in debt with! I am so proud that you waited for nine-long months for me to see the world! A healthy eater like no other who loves to walk the talk!

Today as you turn a year older by number, I wish you the BEST comfort the world can ever give you – for nothing beats your comfort (may it be food (the BEST beef steak ever), caress, prayers, love and attention). I wish you laughter you can’t contain you are going to burst – for I cannot afford if I’ll see you frown. I wish you a heart full of Joy – knowing that our time is in His hands. I wish you love – for love beats stronger than the distance we are in. I wish you the pink of health always – for no worries can disrupt the kind of faith you keep, Mudz! I wish you MORE in life SOON – travel, grandkids, growing old gracefully and keeping an attitude of gratitude always for everything! I am not your lucky charm; I am ALWAYS BLESSED to have a Mother: so COOL. LOVING. WHO BELIEVES IN ME. PATIENT. KIND HEARTED. HELPFUL. HUMBLE. FORGIVING. UNDERSTANDING. GRATEFUL. ANOINTED. FOCUSED. DISCIPLINED. SECURED. RESTORED. HEALTHY. BEAUTIFUL inside and out. CHEERFUL. SELFLESS. And most of all – whose oozing love always seem to overflow!

P.S. I love you to the moon and back, Mudz! (I haven’t been to the moon but I’ve heard it’s really far so is my love can’t be measured by any circumstance and luck).

with the bratty zeke!

with the bratty zeke!


10 responses to “I love you to the moon and back, Mudz!

  1. loreliebuen says:

    Am crying while reading, made me miss mama so much. Happy birthday te!

  2. joy says:

    Dew.ur such a wonderful love it. Affected much.. bein a mother.. Char. Muhilak.jud imo mama ani…

  3. Hata babeh says:

    Wow!nice blog….mum is so proud of you kiamoy!!!mas grabe pa akong hilak kay sa sa iyaha…hahaha….anyway Happy Birthday again Mudz…we love you….mwah

  4. Hata babeh says:

    Hehe…..your most welcome!mwah

  5. Hata babeh says:


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