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lifestyle guru-wannabe, a fierce woman who is after her dreams – living it out, who loves to travel, basking a kiss of heaven, self-made, multi-tasker, loves RDJ (who doesn't?) and ultimately a firm believer of the Sought-After!


on March 18, 2013

This is for a woman who is bolder, confident, street-smart, drop dead gorgeous, life of the party (you’ll notice whenever she’s not around – quiet and defo a boring partee!), a true blue wanderlust, an out of the box person, efficient (she’s gonna rock your world once you work with her! She’s no non-sense making productive things and really not a downer! I mean the woman knows her skills well; she’s pushing herself and is up for any challenge. Mind you, she always exceeds the expectation leaving you with no words to say, how’s that?) To further cement who she truly is, she makes things real simpler to save you tons of time doing something else.  Not only she’s well-verse about anything, she’s mad about doing EVERYTHING! This makes me mucho proud of how she becomes the person she is NOW!

She braved every heartache a woman could face in her lifetime; I was with her no less. But that doesn’t make her fiercer (for she defines FIERCE in another level) though for strength comes with territories. When she deals with matters of the heart, she’s an unfeigned person. Regrets have no room for this woman, she simply is a person wired to do MORE.

As she will set her feet on higher grounds, I know things are going to be different, loads of challenge to conquer and unknown will surely creep in but there is one thing I know – Mitatoe will play the game real well, being at her BEST (which is obvious) and never forgets discipline not just an armor but fragrance so other can smell such aroma and soon be like her as she did to me years ago. This woman is contagiously dangerous for those lame and unproductive (she’s straightforward). I put that as a sign of warning. She is a firm believer of: work hard, play harder – as life is sweet and sometimes you need to smell the flowers to pause and appreciate things in life. Her mind is wide enough to understand things – she plays the D’s advocate sometimes but that is for your convenience, trust me.

Mitatoe, distance and time are given but LOVE can never put away the things you value the MOST. In less than no time, you become BESTies with distance and time that you go and rock things out well! As for me, I’ll be here for you – FOR ALWAYS! (Not only me, add the caboodle of fun-crazy-friends you have. [I mean, you are one of the MOST tangible relationships I have, and keeping you is never a pain in the back!]

Congratulations and can’t wait to see you soaring high with wings spread and ready to chase your dreams for I know in my heart, it’s never too late, not for someone who is selfless and true – that’s you! Cheers to a new adventure, Mitatoe! Loveyoutobits!!!

Sis Ebbz, Donald Duck, Yours turly, and Mitatoe

Sis Ebbz, Donald Duck, Yours turly, and Mitatoe


5 responses to “Mitatoe!

  1. Hata babeh says:

    It made me cry kiamoy!mita I’ll be missing you but I know your making your DREAMS out there….God Bless on your Journey! I love you…we’ll see each other again!mwah

  2. jo'sinlab says:

    Thanks kiamkiam..u never fail to.remind me IM WORTHY! Yes distance will be my bff but nothing can beat our tandem! Love u to bits too! Ill see u soon that’s a promise!

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