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on April 22, 2013
the yummy kiamy cake!

the yummy kiamy cake!

I am officially 32! Yay! Some say, it is ‘decision age’, ‘do or die’, ‘between life and death’, ‘clock is ticking’, ‘strike while the iron is hot’ but to me, it’s just numbers, combined to present a matter so important and larger than life. Yes, I am 32 and the age seems to agree with me (well, it suits me)! For quite some time, I was thinking (okay, over thinking fits!) about what to write, really. History would have it that I indeed was waiting for this age to come (I can name a few who can testify). I was eager enough to face and embrace the combo that made me smile and realized my life’s journey? Truly beautiful, add the many failures, heartbreaks, setbacks, challenge. On the eve of the 21st, I cry out with immense anticipation of what’s to come, rendered speechless and truly indebted for everything – most especially breathing! Back when dreams emerged as shadows of the future, I was more excited about the age than me, but the latter is somewhat tangible than the mere representation of numbers.

So what does my heart really want? Nothing but the one touch of His favor. Opportunity offers a great deal as I would want to choose however possible it is (forthright, really). But I never wanted an opportunity; I wanted a chance (I happen to love the word), another lease, happy accident, unplanned route, coincidental risk, a serendipitous encounter, unusual stake, once in a blue moon ticket, rare occasion, half timing and the other’s half luck (I can drag almost all the things impossible to define, certainly, but I’d like to drive home my point). I never want the finest things or most of the luxurious treat ever.  No. I still am very simple. If you happen to know me from scratch, you’ll define me as a woman who knows value not on the outside but deep within. I may exude finesse but it’s because that’s me. Subtlety me. No excuses, games and promos. Something has changed (that’s true) but future, the only thing that remains just as the same is my core – you can’t change it since that’s when I had the best, most awful mess I was in to deserve this very moment, for I am FULLY PERSUADED. I say No, for a BIG YES real SOON!

Random thoughts:

Since this age is beyond meaningful I started a Grateful Jar to be filled with good-happy thoughts every single moment of my life. Like a stranger who just hands me crisps in a bus, saving my angry tummy from serious trouble or a good talk with someone I missed mucho. Perhaps a letter or a surprise call. I want to remind myself how each moment pass without me failing to acknowledge it. The Jar is renewed each year as my birthday comes and will read everything on the eve of the 21st of April.

Grateful Jar

Grateful Jar

So what’s inside?

some goody things worth to be remembered!

some goody things worth to be remembered!

And for today? A gift all the way from Switzerland!

from Rocille and Peach! whatta surprise indeed!

from Rocille and Peach! whatta surprise indeed!


From Rocille and Peach! A card and swiss chocs! love the bugs as well!

So, cheers 32! I have been waiting for you! You made my heart beat again!




6 responses to “32

  1. joy says:

    eto naman…ikaw na tlaga d… everytymmgread blog mo..omg.. it amazes super big time! ahh…super nice d.. great wisdom… very wonderful.marvelous! happy bday..

    • Beloved says:

      your response always nudge me to write more, joy!!!!! i am in a verge of something called decision making, hahahaha. but thanks to your words, they’re nothing but sweet hugs of comfort! thank you, thank you, thank you! mwahugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. loreliebuen says:

    indeed age is just a number. I stopped counting when I hit the big 3 also but in the end it never did bother me. A lot of good things happened the year after it came, things i never thought of happening. yes it is just a number and we so dearly look forward to the numbers ahead. Belated Happy Birthday Dew! You have been great as always!!

    • Beloved says:

      aw, huge thanks, Lorie! Hope you enjoyed Japan as much as i did looking at your momentos a.k.a photos! I agree with you, the best thing about hitting a much deserved age is you’ll realized there’s no room for drama and you know what you really want in life! thanks for the friendship, Lorie! mwahugs! stay blessed!

  3. Chic Pinay says:

    happy birthday dear! you are an inspiration 🙂

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