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7 year itch

on May 13, 2013
the art of saying goodbye is leaving without regrets

the art of saying goodbye is leaving without regrets


I am not referring to a marital relationship that seems to have another meaning (infidelity). I am (in all honesty) in reference to a gap. A space that would defo bridge what had happened in the past. It could also mean a cycle called mess I was in. 7 long years. Was it worth it? Deep in my heart a resounding YES is the answer! Did I really move on? In my best effort, yes, well it wasn’t until I was presented by a thought so provoking that I begun to ask myself certain questions. I was eagerly waiting to watch “see girl run”, the trailer did something that needs further analysis on my part (no, I am not writing a movie rev just yet because the truth of the matter is, the point I am hoping to address is much more important than the movie, though I can say, the movie’s main objective – that is for me to realize something larger than life, an answer I was waiting for 7 years put in a much creative way).

How do you break up with someone who is not even responding? Will you just go ahead, forget the past and have it a go? Or will you try countless of times until you no longer need to fill in the void? Or in my case, I left an open wound, a fresh scar that further needs tending.

“The most obvious important realities are often the ones that are hardest to see and talk about.” – David Foster Wallace

Was I living a quasi-moving on life? Not really, but this I know – an unfathomable missing piece I was in search of was in a place called nowhere (finding nowhere is the most difficult of all since address and name of the place will never get you done, you’re left even without clue).

How could one define moving on without being deprived of the truth one so deserved? Sometimes you learn not to fight over things, because you know BEST things come after it.

Is holding on an appropriate way to justify and merit such actions? I believed it does.  If in the event of how things fall into its proper place, you can’t question or even demand for things in your favor, because pain will never be sacred. By pain, I mean, you will never try to grow (leave your comfort zone, walk on waters), stretch who you are (character), be with yourself (you know what you want in life, no one’s going to dictate you), define you (you can’t pull off another individual just to be liked or loved), laugh until you cry (where you don’t create life dramas and I think it comes in age, too), trust and believe again (even when it’s the hardest thing of all, you just do it), and eventually – let your heart beat again (learn to love again). I believe divine delays are venerable. I am just way too happy; my middle name is spelled PATIENCE. I mean, 7 years is SEVEN YEARS.


sarah kay

sarah kay


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