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Serenely indomitable

on May 25, 2013




You can’t be kept in just one shoreline. That said, your body called vastness has no known shape and current wouldn’t mind shaking you a bit for you to know what’s it like to be in another shoreline, where familiarity doesn’t exist. Ocean, you are deep in every sense of the word. So deep that whenever you kiss the water’s edge, your depth couldn’t even reach the level to satiate the yearning of your absence. The sound of your mighty voice is impeccable. The swish seems to secure an abyss called mystery only you can fill. The joy of surprise you bring whenever you arrive always (never missed) leaves me breathless, makes my heart skip a beat. Nothing compares an arbitrary of uncertainties brought about by tender strokes held forever captive. A relationship known perfect without words just trust – believing you’ll come and take a breather. As for now, Ocean, you are the distance between the way things are and the way the shoreline wants it to be – a fraction of your home. I’ll welcome you in the morning whenever the glory of sunrise is at its sight and bid goodbye in between the sweet nothings of sunset.

Your ever patient significant other,


Ocean’s reply:


You are someone that i cannot measure unless i have infinity.



10 responses to “Serenely indomitable

  1. Awesome post. I love your writing and all the emotions you shared in your post. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

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