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Where was I?

on August 4, 2013

The long hiatus is (I guess over?) or FINALLY DONE. Well, to say that College has got the best of me is truly an understatement since it was a month ago(?). Oopps. So what’s with the in betweens? Went on a Holiday, Work (I mean massive work!) To say that I truly am sorry is never an excuse (it’s not that I owe you some explanation of why the universe suddenly changed its course, blah-blah and more blah). It is because I, the writer miss EVERYONE. It’s like knowing when you need air to breathe in and knows that only way to do so is to exhale. You, being the air play a significant yet very subtle role in this space of mine.  You let me expand my horizon into a dimension I am almost never willing to discover, in short, you are FRIEND – who waits ever so dearly to read and respond.  So to catch up reading, here’s what happened:


I majorly was the happiest person to even know College is over! No ASSIGNMENTS! To think of introductions, argument and conclusion was the BEST part but needless to say, the art of saying goodbye to mates I have known for 2 years was also bittersweet! College did me oh-so-good! Discipline, focus and a lot of hard work means only one thing – DIPLOMA!

huge thanks, Bournville!

huge thanks, Bournville!


Because a very dear friend is going back home, we (the awesome 4some) decided a detour! This time to the Amazing Stonehenge, bath and Windsor Castle! We did it! I mean we got to slept with total Italian strangers!

at Trafulgar Square!

at Trafulgar Square!

the Epic fall of Inna at Buckingham Palace!

the Epic fall of Inna at Buckingham Palace!

at the very posh bath!

at the very posh bath!

at the amazing Stonehenge!

at the amazing Stonehenge!


This crazy woman (I say crazy because she is the epitome of the BEST lunatic EVER created in this world! And missing her doesn’t count because it only adds to the fact that she annoyingly does the BEST tease ever – without me defenselessly trying to fly to the moon whenever she  concedes in nothing but what seems to be a sweet banter!)

inna banana!

inna banana!


This I will say consumes EVERYTHING thus far. And I mean my time; it’s not a pretty lame excuse, after all I’m VERY back!


4 responses to “Where was I?

  1. nataliejo210 says:

    I adore this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx amazing shots

  2. guwini says:

    Can you actually touch the Stonehenge? I would be sad if you’re not allowed to. LOL
    Your travels are great and congratulations on getting rid of college. hahaha.

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