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A letter (at last!)

on September 1, 2013
from Pinterest

from Pinterest



You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Happy. I honor how you find miserable things as source of profound happiness. I always am curious on your views; it’s weird, huge and defo crazy. But I never would have thought horrendous things makes someone (the most likely you) be ever so happy. You find it all wrapped up with blessings, I guess. But that’s just You – you never like a glass that’s half empty or half full for you knew way better than filling it up more. I don’t have to wonder why happiness chases you whenever your names’ echoed in a far bit distance.  Your laughter is even worst! I mean in a very good way, it erupts like volcano and is highly infectious! Ever wonder why? Because even when you make mistakes (when it’s pretty obvious) you simply go nuts with laughter! You simply reverberates ripples of joy that truly warms the heart. The reason why you are grateful.

Grateful. I know your mantra – ‘Always be thankful’. But have you whined because you didn’t get your way? I don’t ever think you did for your heart’s always massive to accept things even if it didn’t fit in the picture. I find it pretty clever how you accept things you can’t change. You know deep well the basics! Finding it more easy to be grateful than nothing and is always appreciative of everything. Nothing can go wrong with a thankful heart; your detour is THE TOUR as you fondly say for you are fully persuaded.  Thus has caused you to be favored and blessed.

Favored and Blessed.

You get the most in life and enjoy as thus saying that you are pleased with life itself. I am further than happy to see you smile whenever a shift was turn for your favor. A masterpiece indeed to know that you breathe in such profound goodness with shut eyes. There is no absolute word to depict the sight only that it swells my heart in more love of you. It is of no surprise why you are highly favored – for you know what honor meant and sincerely do so and for that I am forever drawn to you – completely and willfully. (more of every minute, every second of every day thingy! I’m floored –really.) And so you are irreversibly loved!


This is so you. You breathe like it. Sing like it. Work like it. Do things like it. Dance like it. Speak like it. I don’t know a thing you wouldn’t do for love – for love begets you of superlative quality. But I want you to know that beyond who you are, you are loved. That love will go out of its way to find you. Hug you. Kiss you. Talk with you, for you are made out of love. The reason you are (in no doubt) LOVED, Beloved. You and love are synonymously fit – glued together to respond a call to love fully and truly, for you cannot give less of what you are made of. I am ever so proud of your heart! And even swollen with pride marveling how you love. It’s always you. You, who have become love and loving it. Your heart never fails to beat for love – through love. Know that you are forever loved.

Your ever patient man (who is madly in love with you),


Love, xoxo


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