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YOU <3

on September 22, 2013


Dear YOU,

“I will find you… No matter how long it takes, no matter how far – I will find you.” – Nathaniel to Cora in the Last of the Mohicans

I have been knocked down and yes, flipping the page wasn’t in the plan yet I know deep down I must. Sorry if it took long enough to have the courage and write YOU but I want to honor your faithfulness – waiting only for me.

I had not known courage and perseverance such as yours and of which I am deliberately charmed. You went every mile, crossed any roads, swam, climbed top of a hill only to find me. For YOU are a man whose words and actions simply abide in truth. A sweet gesture sure to make me smile.

You never had me at hello – for since I braved goodbye you were there unmoved. Lo and behold, you had me at that jiffy. I am one blessed woman as to have you is just a dream turn into a beautiful surrender of reality.

By the time we’ve met, these words aren’t equipped fully to embody you – for you are way beyond my imagination and dreams. Still, my heart desires to meet YOU as it beats solitarily with unalloyed joy in the existence of a soul I dearly sought.

Space, distance, time, place and even circumstances I do know not as our encounter erases the length of time lag for YOU to ultimately hold my hand. I’ll celebrate in a million-fun ways of being YOU!

There is nothing I don’t love about YOU. As I am imperfectly perfect for YOU. Nothing in life has prepared me for this only that such faithfulness is rewarded with a thing called – YOU.

YOU truly are a touch of HIS favor and it leaves me with awe, indeed. Indebtedness as my heart swells with loud beats to the One who sent YOU. I am FOREVERMORE grateful!

Here’s the song I have been singing (seasons after seasons) ‘til this saccharine-full day:

Completely smitten,


P.S. See you real SOON!


4 responses to “YOU <3

  1. Guwini says:

    sinetch? ayan na nga ba sinasabi ko. uli na dayun!!

  2. loreliebuen says:


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