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lifestyle guru-wannabe, a fierce woman who is after her dreams – living it out, who loves to travel, basking a kiss of heaven, self-made, multi-tasker, loves RDJ (who doesn't?) and ultimately a firm believer of the Sought-After!

blackpool, baby!!



“Sometimes, in the midst of nor’ easter might, shoreline’s left nothing but a picture of total havoc, leaving the pristine coastline a smudge of mess. Yet when the same body of water recurs, this time more calm and at peace expunge unpleasant muddles thus making the water-edge immaculately perfect, allowing no traces of austerity, just utter madness called beauty. ” -Beloved



sand and sun-kissed skin!

sand and sun-kissed skin!

the tower

the tower

grateful. happy. blessed. favored. loved.

grateful. happy. blessed. favored. loved.

made it through the rain!

made it through the rain!

sweet reality

sweet reality

hitting two birds with one stone – bank holiday Monday and mate’s birthday only in Blackpool!



the yummy kiamy cake!

the yummy kiamy cake!

I am officially 32! Yay! Some say, it is ‘decision age’, ‘do or die’, ‘between life and death’, ‘clock is ticking’, ‘strike while the iron is hot’ but to me, it’s just numbers, combined to present a matter so important and larger than life. Yes, I am 32 and the age seems to agree with me (well, it suits me)! For quite some time, I was thinking (okay, over thinking fits!) about what to write, really. History would have it that I indeed was waiting for this age to come (I can name a few who can testify). I was eager enough to face and embrace the combo that made me smile and realized my life’s journey? Truly beautiful, add the many failures, heartbreaks, setbacks, challenge. On the eve of the 21st, I cry out with immense anticipation of what’s to come, rendered speechless and truly indebted for everything – most especially breathing! Back when dreams emerged as shadows of the future, I was more excited about the age than me, but the latter is somewhat tangible than the mere representation of numbers.

So what does my heart really want? Nothing but the one touch of His favor. Opportunity offers a great deal as I would want to choose however possible it is (forthright, really). But I never wanted an opportunity; I wanted a chance (I happen to love the word), another lease, happy accident, unplanned route, coincidental risk, a serendipitous encounter, unusual stake, once in a blue moon ticket, rare occasion, half timing and the other’s half luck (I can drag almost all the things impossible to define, certainly, but I’d like to drive home my point). I never want the finest things or most of the luxurious treat ever.  No. I still am very simple. If you happen to know me from scratch, you’ll define me as a woman who knows value not on the outside but deep within. I may exude finesse but it’s because that’s me. Subtlety me. No excuses, games and promos. Something has changed (that’s true) but future, the only thing that remains just as the same is my core – you can’t change it since that’s when I had the best, most awful mess I was in to deserve this very moment, for I am FULLY PERSUADED. I say No, for a BIG YES real SOON!

Random thoughts:

Since this age is beyond meaningful I started a Grateful Jar to be filled with good-happy thoughts every single moment of my life. Like a stranger who just hands me crisps in a bus, saving my angry tummy from serious trouble or a good talk with someone I missed mucho. Perhaps a letter or a surprise call. I want to remind myself how each moment pass without me failing to acknowledge it. The Jar is renewed each year as my birthday comes and will read everything on the eve of the 21st of April.

Grateful Jar

Grateful Jar

So what’s inside?

some goody things worth to be remembered!

some goody things worth to be remembered!

And for today? A gift all the way from Switzerland!

from Rocille and Peach! whatta surprise indeed!

from Rocille and Peach! whatta surprise indeed!


From Rocille and Peach! A card and swiss chocs! love the bugs as well!

So, cheers 32! I have been waiting for you! You made my heart beat again!




The Year that was


It’s what? Yes, sometimes things are hard to swallow. Simply put – 2012? over! And the highlights of my 2012? Loads actually. And finished 2012 head strong!! So here’s the recap of the glorious year:

1.) Started with my new work!

2.) Another work came in (Translator! Law firm hired me to decode my vernacular language into English)

3.) With that, noted my 1st ever travel (within UK- Leamington Spa, I’d say Business with pleasure mode). Next stop? London, Wales, Swansea, South Hampton, Brigthon, Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire Oaks (the largest outlet store in the world). Add up the College’s field trip going to Warwick Castle and Alton Towers! My feet’s kinda itchy! Hahahaha.

4.) 1st year of College done! (Too quick!)

5.) Another part-time work! Learned the art of sushi, crepe and salads!!!

6.) Travelled and visited my cousin and her family in Germany! Snow and all its wonder! Went to Salzburg, Austria as well! Talking of quality time and bonding!

7.) Started a new job that I freaking love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

8.) Most of my dream came to pass this year! I do have a long to-do list but it’s beyond words when they finally take place!

9.) I’m living my dreams – breathing, sleeping. I mean I am waking up each morning with a huge smile on my smile knowing that the Creator of the Universe breathes into my direction!

10.) I finally am living outside the box – leaving the comfort zone and living in courage zone! Sometimes, I can’t believe I am walking on waters (dancing even!) and having the time of my life to “smell the flowers” even in the eye of the storm!

It truly was a year full of HOPE. And it didn't disappoint. I had so much FUN I couldn't begin to describe what fun really is!

And for 2013? It’s going to be MASSIVE! Breaking bounds, where passion won’t relinquish , hope floats, dare to be different, make ripples of joy (make it contagious!), fill the margins of life with meaning, turn vision into reality, loads of blessings (health-wise included), kick new doors to open, opportunities, friendship, from the movie Friends with benefits: “love hard or go home”, keep an enthusiastic spirit (hey, even when you’re down!), faith-filled journey and of course – BAAAAAMMM!!

So cheers to 2013!! I welcome you warmly! HHHUUUUGGGGSSSS!!! ❤


P.S. i have a message for my heart: beat again! ❤




Today, let me honor a woman whom i love more than life! My one and only – Sister and Best friend! (It’s her Birthday as well!)

To the woman whose love is totally my absolute downfall; a fine, generous, faith-filled individual selfless enough to serve as my “borrowed wing” whenever the other is out of order and broken. To a soul ever so patient and understanding willing to put up anything epic hence FLYING would entirely be different and always in a new level! To my best friend for life – your undying and uplifting support never fails to encourage me best at worst times; finally, fears laid down to rest (do add the pile of emo crap all throughout the years). A sister’s keeper forever I’ll always be in debt with! You are put together beautifully. You are a firm believer of “I CAN” unwavering doubts don’t take shelter in you (that goes to show your love is truly amazing)! The realer life got, the harder our roots clung on to all that we knew to be constant. Simply put – you are the piglet, I’m your pooh! And I’ll always choose “to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” To an uber-gracious lady – have a blessed birthday!! Remember that iloveyou beyond words! Cheers to the new adventures of the coming year!!

“But I have seen the best of you and the worst of you and I choose both. I want to share every single one of your sunshines and save some for later. I will tuck them into my pockets so I can give them back to you when the rains fall hard. Friend, I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. I want to be the air in your lungs to remind you to breathe easy. When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand and I promise I won’t let go.” – Origin Story (Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye)




It has been an adventure-packed year and I truly am happy I’ve lived it to the hilt!! Well, help me welcome another year with a bang! But not too fast, here’s what happened before my feet landed on a land with bloody weather. (oh, this post may require long reading, so I do hope you can keep up! I know you will – THANK YOU for that! Or at least I warned you, wink!)


Out of words. Or I just can’t seem to find the right words to say. It’s like a huge chunk of something from heaven fell off (cloudy with chance of meatballs-type) and there was I – standing, waiting for its right timing of downpour. True enough, I felt absolutely isolated and unable to move. Shocked and awed by the tremendous flow of things, I simply had fun enjoying the dance called LIFE.

Four seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and fall. You may be thinking which season I belong. Take a good guess! Okay, it’s Autumn. They say Autumn’s highly related to melancholy. I beg to disagree! I love the breeze and leaves altogether! Okay, I was being too physical, let’s look at things from the inside out. First, let’s begin of how I ever came to know Autumn. Hated the first time we met! I arrived in Heathrow and everybody’s wearing coat. Got the message? COLD. I mean, the oh-so-cold-make-me-chill feeling whenever I’m out. It’s nuisance. But Autumn got me mesmerized when I finally accepted things (Law of Seasons! Is there such a thing?) that I am no longer in my Home, that I’m on the other part of the world (believe me, that has to sink in for awhile!). And things were less complicated. I am now accustom to gaze how lovely Autumn is! I love walking and it never changed whether being put up in a cold weather, though I was geared with proper attire (layers-lots of it, gloves, leg warmers, bonnet and a smile on my face!) and it didn’t disappoint! Autumn also speaks about being selfless. Reaping. Forgive me to be bias, I love the word HARVEST. I longed to be here. It wasn’t easy, but the whole journey paid a great deal of who I am today. Years of waiting, pruning, self-discovery and learning. Had to deal with myself – how I am and the thing called past. Had to come terms too! To be very honest and to be just me. So for me, its harvest time! I sowed seeds, BEST seeds. And truth to be told, whenever you sow good-right-best seeds, you’ll reap not the same amount, you’ll have double portion!! I can live with much or little, what matters is my whole disposition in life. What are the things that makes me happy, makes me truly alive…

Fast forward (after 1 year): To cut the story short, I am living a dream. A dream that took its flight long after the plunge of failure never seems to halt and the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere to be seen. Simply put, I was basking the darkness I was in, until heaven kissed me right on the dot!Thus, the downpour. And mind you, I still hardly can’t believe, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. (though I’m not living in pure denial but everything is surreal). Webster lacks most of the words I wanted to convey. It’s beyond being GRATEFUL, out of range rainfall, exceedingly-above-and-beyond-favors (help me find the RIGHT word, will ya?)

It’s autumn again! A smell of familiar scent, comfort foods, boot weather, orange-yellow-red leaves falling off the branches, plus ME – a risk runner/immaculately bubbly/fond of surprises/crazy (not in the sense of keeping me in an asylum though)/a multifaceted individual who guilelessly love life!

Cheers to the 1st year!! and I so welcome you – 2nd!!!